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By: Dr. Irma Velarde

January 12, 2020. Taal reminded us that it was not only a tourist spot, but a volcano, an active one at that! It’s phreatic eruption from the main crater spewed ashes to the Calabarzon area extending to some parts of Metro Manila. Most affected were residents of Batangas, Cavite and areas within the 14km danger zone as they needed to evacuate their homes. PHILVOLCS has raised and maintained the Alert Level to 4 indicating a possible hazardous explosive eruption in hours to days. A mandatory or forced evacuation order has been issued. Suddenly, life has changed for the people who have been displaced. Suddenly, Southern Luzon was in a state of calamity!

Everyone was quick to respond. The country has been used to typhoons, year in and year out.... but a volcanic eruption?! Who can turn a blind eye? Definitely not POGS!

Through it’s Region IV arm, the Southern Tagalog Chapter (STC), POGS has mobilized it’s resources and members towards helping those in need. POGS-STC immediately mapped out plans and details for relief operations. Relief operation dates were announced and an outpouring of donations in cash and in kind followed.( Official acknowledgement of the said donors will be on a separate article.)

The POGS-STC-led group went to visit two evacuation centers in Batangas City and two in Sto. Tomas on January 16, 2020. In Batangas City East Elementary School, we dropped off mostly items for hygiene and some old clothes. There were many volunteer doctors at that time thus, we only checked the clinics for other possible needs.

We then visited the Barangay Hall in Pajarang East, Batangas City. The day care centers surrounding the hall has been turned to temporary homes of evacuees. Depending on the size, a room houses 3-13 families. Most evacuees in the area are home-based, a host family takes care of them. They come to the barangay hall to get their share of goods, have free medical consultations and share meals like a big banquet. The group was able to hold free check-ups here together with the Batangas Medical Center consultants and residents-in-training. We also performed room to room visits to check on their condition and needs, as well as to teach them practices for general hygiene and prevention of infection.

The group proceeded to San Antonio Elementary School in Sto. Tomas, Batangas after lunch.
This evacuation center was overloaded with goods already that we had to give them only what they lack such as alcohol and feminine wash. Our area coordinators in Sto. Tomas then pointed us to a newly-opened evacuation center in San Anastacia-San Rafael National High School. The rest of our relief goods were given to them such as mats, blankets, old clothes, bottled water, hygiene needs, et. The team also distributed food and snacks.

The team embarked on another set of mission on January 20, 2020 in Cavite with our truckload of goods. First stop was at Alfonso Central School where most evacuees came from Laurel and Talisay Batangas. Half of our goods were given here. Inside the clinic area, one won’t fail to notice the mountain of clothes where children play and the stacks of bottled water. We held free prenatal check-ups for few pregnant patients and then proceeded with some room visits to the displaced families. Talking to the evacuees, one can say that the Filipino is indeed resilient and can smile amidst any storm.

In the early afternoon, we proceeded and lined up at the City Government Office of Tagaytay to bring our donation. In Tagaytay evacuation centers, one cannot bring the relief goods directly to the centers as distribution is centralized. One can only bring ready-to-eat food for distribution in the centers.

Lastly, we visited an evacuation center at the Tolentino Sports Activity Center (TISAC), Tagaytay City. The group had planned to distribute snacks but were discouraged since they have just been recently fed by certain groups, too. We left our food and talked to the officials present. In this evacuation center, one can see those blue square mini-tents assigned per family and several portalets.

Indeed, there was an outpouring of generosity! Some very accessible or known evacuation centers were overloaded with relief goods. But still there are those that are reportedly hardly been visited. Thus, it is very crucial to coordinate your mission to the leaders on the ground. It is also important to identify specific needs on a day-to-day basis. As of this writing, I’ve heard in the news that donations now are more centralized in Batangas and Cavite for better distribution and utilization.

For the POGS-STC members, it was fulfilling to help and at the same time see for themselves the situation of the evacuees and assess their needs. Naturally, the work does not end here. If PHILVOLCS cannot assure the return of the residents anytime soon then there are many long-term issues to address such as teen pregnancy, infection control, family planning, immunization, sanitation, nutrition, psychological support, etc. .For now, let us keep strategizing how we can aid for the long or longer term, but keep praying that nature is on our side.

POGS-STC Details of Relief Operations:
January 16, 2020, Thursday
1. Batangas City East Elementary School
              99 families        383 individuals
Activities: Dropping off of relief goods, and checking up on clinic needs


A short briefing given by POGS-STC Community Service Head, Dr. Alma Joy Morin. M. Lat. Bldg, Batangas, City, Jan 16, 2020.


They were in particular need of hygiene materials. Thus, we gave alcohol, sanitary pads, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, feminine wash, underwear among others. Batangas East Elementary School, Batangas City. Jan 16, 2020.


2. Barangay. Hall Paharang East, Batangas City
               350 individuals, 92 families
Activities: Dropping off of donations, some distribution of hygiene materials, free clinic, Room to room family visits in instructing them regarding hygiene, prevention of infection and asking their of their specific needs


Teaching the evacuees proper hygiene practices to prevent infection at the centers. Barangay Hall, Paharang East, Batangas City, Jan 16, 2020.


POGS-STC team was joined by its members and residents-in-training from Batangas Medical Center in delivering services such as free clinics and prenatal check-ups. Barangay Hall, Paharang East, January 16, 2020.


Our doctor volunteers sharing a light moment while seeing a male patient. Barangay Hall, Paharang East, Batangas City. Jan 16, 2020.


POGS-STC members conducting free check ups. Barangay Hall Paharang East, Batangas, City. Jan 16, 2020.


It was a great experience to talk to the residents. Barangay Hall Paharang East, Batangas City, Jan 16, 2020


A daycare center room houses several families. Barangay Hall Pajarang East, Jan 16, 2020


Most of the evacuees at Paharang East, Batangas City are home-based. They converge here at the barangay hall to share meals, get free consultation and daily supply. Barangay Hall Paharang East, Batangas City Jan 16, 2020.


3. San Antonio Elementary School, Sto Tomas, Batangas
                    140 families 494 individuals
Activities: Dropping off of relief goods.


This evacuation center was filled with relief goods that they only received items that they are still in need of like alcohol and feminine wash. San Antonio Elementary School, Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

4.San Anastacia –San Rafael National High School, Sto. Tomas, Batangas
                  132 families, 544 individuals

Some donations dropped here were also shared with Mt. Claire School nearby which houses 116 families and 486 individuals
Activities: Dropping off of relief goods, distribution of food and snacks


Relief goods from POGS and other donors coursed through POGS-STC. San Anastacia-San Rafael National High School, Sto. Tomas, Batangas, Jan 16, 2020.


Adults and kids alike line up for free snacks! San Anastacia-San Rafael National High School, Sto. Tomas, Batangas, Jan 16, 2020


The POGS-STC team with the local officials of the Barangay. San Anastacia – San Rafael National High School. Sto. Tomas Batangas, Jan 16,.2020.


January 20, 2020. Sunday

1.Alfonso Central School, Alfonso, Cavite
           375 families 1957 individuals
The school also provides for the free clinic rooms where volunteer doctors can see patients. Some donations dropped off here are also being distributed to nearby evacuation centers such as the Alfonso Central Covered Court, Marahan Elementary School, Matagbak Covered Court and home-based evacuees, covering a total of 6569 individuals at the time of our visit.

Activities: dropping off of relief goods, free prenatal check-up, room to room family visits


A truckload of donations!!! Alfonso Central School, Alfonso Cavite. Jan 20, 2020.


A van full of pails, dippers and other goods. Alfonso Central School, Alfonso, Cavite. Jan 20, 2020.


Free clinic inside the school with other volunteer doctors. Alfonso Central School, Alfonso, Cavite. Jan 20, 2020


POGS-STC team of doctors for Alfonso Central School evacuees. Alfonso, Cavite. Jan 20, 2020


Overflowing stock of relief goods at Alfonso Central School. Alfonso, Cavite, Jan 20, 2020


A mountainful of old clothes.... Please think and re-think about your donation. Alfonso Central School, Alfonso, Cavite. Jan 20. 2020


The team did room visits to the families of the evacuees to assess their individual needs.
At the center is a super funny granny, a model of the Filipino resilience. Alfonso Central School, Alfonso, Cavite.


2. City Government of Tagaytay Office, Tagaytay City
Activities: Dropping off of donations
The city government distributes the donations to all their evacuation centers, three of which were the biggest housing a total of about 1000 individuals each.


The tall, dark and handsome Vice Mayor of Tagaytay, Reymond Ambion, received the donation. Look at our smiles in this pose! Tagaytay City Government Office, Tagaytay City. Jan 20, 2020.


3. Tolentino Sports Activity Center (TISAC), Tagaytay City
            145 families, 542 individuals
Activities: Giving of food and snacks


Those blue mini-tents give them some semblance of privacy, but for how long? TISAC, Tagaytay City. Jan 20, 2020


RD and the Community Service Head having a brief chat with the City Councilor Annabelle Solis, TISAC, Tagaytay City. Jan 20, 2020.

POGS Letterhead


                 CHAIR (POGS-Accredited Hospitals for Training)


Re:           POGS-MULTICARE Scientific Works Activities
                Midyear Residents’ Interesting Case and Research Paper Contest
                Research Development Criteria for Grant/Subsidy
                Residents’ Interesting Case Contest
                Residents’ Research Paper Contest
                Fellow’s Research Paper Contest


Dear Colleagues:

In line with the society’s continuing efforts to promote scientific paper writing, it is my pleasure to announce the following activities and the deadline of submission:

Activity                                                                                                       Deadline

Midyear Residents’ Interesting Case and Research Paper Contest           February 10, 2020 
Research Development Grant/Subsidy                                                       June 26, 2020
Residents’ Interesting Case                                                                        July 24, 2020
Residents’ Research Paper                                                                         August 21, 2020
Fellow’s Research Paper                                                                            September 30, 2020

Oral Presentation                                                                                  Date/Venue

Midyear Interesting Case & Research Paper Contest                            April 23, 2020, 1:00 PM
                                                                                                               Sierra Madre Hall, Fort Ilocandia, Laoag City

Residents’ Interesting Case Contest                                                      September 17, 2020, 5:00 PM
                                                                                                               3rd floor POGS Bldg., 56 Malakas St. Diliman, Q.C.

Residents’ Research Paper Contest                                                      October 22, 2020, 5:00 PM
                                                                                                               3rd floor POGS Bldg., 56 Malakas St. Diliman, Q.C.

Announcement and awarding of the Fellow’s Research Paper Contest winners will be during the Annual Business Meeting of POGS Annual Convention.

Enclosed are the Guidelines and Criteria for the above-mentioned activities.

We are looking forward to your active participation in the Society’s Scientific Works. Yours truly,


Chair, Committee on Scientific Works Noted by:




2020 Calendar of Activities

2020 Midyear Scientific Works Guidelines

2020 POGS Annual Scientific Works Guidelines


Below 64 years old above 65 years old above 65 years old
Annual Dues  1,800.00 2,300.00 2,300.00 - - -
Journal Subscription (on-line) 200.00 200.00 200.00 - - -
           Plus 300 for the hard copy
MAP - Sickness Benefit 900.00 900.00 900.00 900.00 - -
MAP - Living/Death Benefit 600.00 600.00 600.00 600.00 - -
TOTAL ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES 3,500.00 4,000.00 4,000.00 1,500.00 - -


Effective January 1, 2020, as approved by the Board of Trustees during its June 11, 2019 meeting, the above are the new rates of Annual Membership Fees. The main reason for the increase in the fees was the Mutual Assistance Program benefits, as explained in the following:

1. Increase in the amount of annual membership fees by the Committee on Mutual Assistance Program (CMAP)

Up to 2019, the CMAP was collecting PhP600 for Sickness Benefit Program (SBP) and PhP400 for Death Benefit Program (DBP)/Living Benefit Program (LBP). The last increase in collection fee was made in 2010. This amount is less than half of the supposed collection fee per member as suggested by the actuary in order to sustain the current disbursements. The SBP was increased from PhP10,000 in 2012 to the present PhP15,000 and the LBP was increased from PhP50,000 in 2008 to the present PhP60,000. These were implemented without the corresponding increase in the annual fees.

However, since the increase is more than 100%, the CMAP suggested that the increase be done gradually and the initial amount of PhP1,500.00 is deemed reasonable. This can be broken down in PhP900.00 for the SBP and PhP600 for the LBP funds, based on the proportion of claims from the two benefits.


MAP DUES 2019 2020
Sickness Benefit Program (SBP) 600.00 900.00
Death/Living Benefit Program (DBP/LBP) 400.00 600.00
TOTAL MAP DUES 1,000.00 1,500.00


2. Medical and Surgical Illness Categorization

The CMAP classified illnesses into two categories: MEDICAL and SURGICAL. It was observed that there were more medical claims than surgical claims and it was recognized that the financial burden for the latter is heavier. For this reason, CMAP recommended that the amount of SBP for surgical cases be increased to PhP20,000 and to decrease the SBP of medical illness to PhP10,000. This classification scheme had the advantage of maintaining the same amount of payments in the long run, with the added advantage of decreasing the amount of the greater number of claims (medical illnesses). By doing so, POGS will be channeling the resources of the Program to those who need it most.

BENEFITS 2019 2020
Sickness benefit Program (SBP) 15,000.00
                Medical Cases 10,000.00
                Surgical Cases 20,000.00
Death/Living Benefit Program (DBP/LBP) 60,000.00 60,000.00


3. The CMAP prescribed that the SBP criterion on a 3-day confinement should be 72 hours stay in the hospital, which the Board of Trustees approved during the June 11, 2019 meeting.

2019 SBP Criterion 2020 SBP Criterion
The member should be confined for at least 3 days for a medical condition, inclusive of the day of admission and day of discharge.

    A 3-day confinement should be 72            hours stay in the hospital.

Dear Colleagues,

The Board of Trustees of the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society
( Foundation), Inc., is accepting donations in the form of cash/cheque, relief goods (canned goods, rice, etc), used clothes and other basic necessities that maybe of use by those affected by the recent Taal Volcano eruption.

You can give your donations directly to POGS Malakas Street office or deposit to our POGS Bank Account:

Bank Account: BDO, Katipunan Branch
Account Name: POGS
Account No.: 764 000 4729
Reference No. TAAL Donation 2020

All collections will be forwarded for distribution through Dr. Irma Velarde, our POGS Regional Director in Southern Tagalog.

Your contribution will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.



Pilar Lagman-Dy, MD
Board Secretary


Noted by:


Christia S. Padolina, MD



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